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Effervescent Lake

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Effervescent Lake

Tucked in the lowland forest that covers the foothills of the Wang Mountains, the Effervescent Lake is a naturally-occurring body of carbonated water. Fed by underground springs that pass through near-limitless deposits of sodium bicarbonate, the Effervescent Lake is a crackling, fizzing wonder that changes colors throughout the year as the springs leech new deposits of tinted minerals. Running from its northern shores is the Effervescent River, which sadly loses its bubbling fizziness just a few short ploisnu downstream, as the meandering water makes its way over rocks and stones.

Miraculously, the Effervescent Lake is home to a variety of fish, all of which are highly sought after, not only for their rainbow-flecked flesh, but for their nearly boneless bodies. In truth, the fish are not boneless, but instead suffer from a serious calcium deficiency, the source of which no scholar has discovered. (It is thought by some to be a lingering aftereffect of The Unsundering, when the great vibration caused by the clasping together of The Sickle and The Shield rendered the fishes' bones fragile and nearly textureless.)

In the 25th Millenia, the Effervescent Lake became home to the Elemenstor Archibald Almalastor. His work, which ushered forth The Resundering ironically led to the diversion of the very underground springs which fed the lake from which he took his full title. The Effervescent Lake was dry as a sorcerial's pelvis swaddling just a short year later.

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