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Dyemon Butterflies

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Dyemon Butterflies

Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 71 (Nastiness Incarnate)

Creature Families: Insectoid, Dyemonic

Just like a regular butterfly, except it about the size of a large dog...and its pure evil....and has razor sharp claws, proboscis, wings and even mandibles. They feed on blood, usually by swarming a creature, blinding it, then tearing its head open and eating its brain, and finally disemboweling it before piercing into its heart with their mosquito like proboscis. Freakishly enough the victims stays alive though all of this, the poor bastards. Needless to say they're a ridiculously dangerous creature, they've even been known to take down dragons. Avoid exposing them to fire at all costs, as they explode in a violent shower of needle-y eggs.

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