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Dwarfball, national sport of the Magic Sword Kingdom, was highly representative of the kingdom at the time. The sport was played much like hockey is today, except without ice or skating, and with large hammers (preferrably spikey) rather than sticks, and Dwarven prisoners of war rather than pucks. Players dress in full plate mail for their own safety since, through an unfortunate oversight, the sport's creators neglected to create any penalties for fighting. Thus, the first few less-armored games were nothing less than massacres.

Even after a rule was enacted that a player cannot be bludgeoned past unconsciousness, games generally devolved into melees from which one player would emerge victorious, and proceed to score repeatedly for the rest of the game, much to the dismay of the "ball", for which scoring was a rather painful process. Naturally, the sport was a huge success in the Magic Sword Kingdom, losing some popularity after causing the loss of Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer at precisely The Longest Moment.

It is unknown what Dwarves thought of Dwarfball. Anyone who broaches the subject to them disappears without a trace, except for a very few. They're reticent on the whole subject, and scream like a little girl whenever they see axes.

The largest dwarfball event by far is the Dwarferbowl, which has been depicted in the ElamenSTAR episode Late! You win some and you lose some!.

The proprietors of ELotH:TES are looking into creating a modern, televised version of the sport. However, they have yet to find a country where it is legal.

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