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Dripping Tree of Ng

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The Dripping Tree of Ng

The Dripping Tree of Ng is a small, dull, and largely unremarkable tree which can be found in various forests around Battal. The tree takes its name from the first one to cultivate the tree, Ng the Vile.

On occasion, it produces a thin sap, which drips from its branches and congeals at the bottom of the tree, covering the area around the tree with a blotchy, foul-smelling film. This film serves no unique purpose - the more boring tribes of the Dim Elves occasionally collect it to put on their toast.

The fruit of the Dripping Tree is a nut known as the Soul Walnut which is apparently virtually uncrackable, and therefore the delicious innards are both highly sought and highly prized, and yet an uncracked Soul Walnut is considered all but useless.

Grand Elemenstor Raffleston was said to be particularly fond of these treats and it is said that he possessed a talent for opening.

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