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Dorc the Incontinent

King of Ezermethalon, a kingdom along the norther coast of The Shield. Father of King Drongor the Unexpected. Deposed, in part, by Squidgy the woodworm of Abercrombie who was at the time wielding Blade Sword of the 100 Swords of Sepathok.

King Dorc's incontinence inspired a priestly caste in Ezermethalon. These priests took the king's condition as an indication of the ultimate piety and degree to which the king had risen above the trappings of the flesh. Therefore it became the religious vogue for particularly devout priests to take up the "damp blessing" as inspired by the example of their sovereign. Gorkin the Old and Incontinent is the most well known character of this cast in The Elemenstor Cycle.

Note: Yes, it's very strange that Squidgy was wielding one of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. (see comments on Book 5)
Note Also: Dorc should not be confused with Doric

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