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Door of Eternal Slamming

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Door of Eternal Slamming

One of several well known Furniliars of Stefarina the Vile Temptress. "The Door" as it liked to be called did not actually slam perpetually, as implied, it could if it wanted to, but it had other things to do. The Door actually only slams rather a lot, and then usually only when it is around someone new whom it would like to impress. Despite this, The Door is quite vicious toward living things. Able to insinuate itself into any wall, The Door will often sit idle until one attempts to use it or sleep near it. Then the vicious slamming begins. Enchanted to slam with brutal force, and creating a magically enhanced slamming sound, The Door will bang mercilessly. This at best, is rather irritating. If one is unlucky enough to be caught in The Door, they can be savagely beaten, and if they are incapacitated by one of the blows the door will actually pound on the person until it has broken them into splattery tiny pieces. That was, incidentally, allegedly the fate of Stefarina's husband, Robert the Kind who was fed to The Door intentionally by Stefarina..

The Door was the best friend of Crushing Knowledge, an enchanted gestalt furniliar. Sometimes The Door and Crushing Knowledge would work together, savagely slaughering library patrons because that was Crushing Knowledge's favorite pasttime and The Door was all to happy to participate in any form of mayhem. The plan would usually go as such; Crushing Knowlege would cause library patrons to flee in terror and while trying to exit the library, thinking The Door was a safe exit, would find themselves being slammed to pieces. The pair never lost amusement in that past time.

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