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Doctor B's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Stool

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elothtes :: Doctor B's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Stool (full)
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Doctor B's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Stool


The second book of the infamous Scourges Pentadecaphron ElemenstorLance series, this particular book focuses on Radwrack the Black and his experiences before becoming one of The Twelve Scourges of Battal during the Great Elemenstation War. The story begins with Radwrack attending the Graha School of Daigon-Taming. During his time there he discovers that he has the Knack and begins to experiment with his new found powers of Elemenstation. During one of his experiments using the Death Element he loses control of his gear and accidentally turns the entire student body into Ghouls. It was only the quick action of Helladrian Forelder, one of the teachers at the school, that managed to keep the horde of Ghouls for overrunning the land. After the threat had been dealt with Radwrack was expelled and thrown in prison, where he shared a cell with three Demistructors who were imprisonned for disturbing the peace. It was in prison that Radwrack made the most important discovery of his life, Wrack. Using this unholy fusion of Blood, Unlight and The Unspeakable Radwrack was able to break out of prison after his honing his skills on his fellow prisoners. The distinct after effects of the use of Wrack caused a Title Bestower who saw the bodies to rename Radwrack to Radwrack the Black.

As Radwrack the Black continued to explore his new found power of Wrack his body began to degenerate. Eventually his body was so frail that Radwrack transchanted a rather comfortable wicker chair in to a furniliar to carry him around. With his newly transchanted furniliar Radwrack joined up with the Demistructors and became the Leaguon in the hopes of combining his Wrack powers with the power of the Horns of Demistruct. During Radwrack's tenure as Leaguon the Horns of Demistruct actually played the Melody of Soon-To-Be-Broken Dreams. This sweet melody tortured Radwrack's mind, weakening his will. The melody also mysteriously granted his furniliar the power of Elemenstation. After the melody was completed and the Horns returned to their normal horrendous music, Radwrack's furniliar slowly began to probe its way into Radwrack's already damaged mind. Shortly there after Radwrack was kicked out of the Demistructors as they felt they were just getting too evil. Radwrack wandered Battal continuing to battle his furniliar for control of his mind and body.


This book received far better reviews than its predecessor, The Doom of All Things and the End of Time. Still even with the more positive reviews the book was still banned from public schools for its graphic descriptions of the effects of Wrack and for its portrayal of the Wicked Wicker's attempts to take over Radwrack's mind (this section actually caused some children to develop multiple personality disorder). Fans of the ELotH:TES tend to look on this book fairly favorably as it is definitely one of the tame books in the Pentadecaphron and at the time seemed to indicate that the series may be better than The Doom of All Things and the End of Time lead them to believe. Sadly future books in the series showed that this particular work was just a fluke.

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