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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: -13 (Harmless) for Beautiful Female Djinns who wish to learn about love to 13 (Nasty) for Bald Male Djinns with a Goatee

Creature Families: Elemental, Divine

A magical being made of living fire native to deserts. They can shapeshift to take on many forms, and usually have flamboyant senses of humor that can range from hilarious to annoying. Their typical form is that of a large, red-skinned humanoid with a flaming head.

Djinn can use powerful magic to grant wishes, and for that they're usually captured by powerful Elemenstors and placed into bottles or glasses. More than one Elemenstor has wished for a Glass of Djinn in a tough situation. Some famous Djinn include Robin the Hyperactive and Annoying, Genie Simmons, and the half-rabbit hybrid: Barbra the Light Brown Hare.

Related species include the Gjinn, the Cotton Djinn, and the Djinn Rummy.

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