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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 2 (Harmless) for a Lynxbla familiar to 328 (Incomprehensibly Nasty) for an Army of Chernabolgs Who Are Wearing Scarves Made Out of Crushed Kittens

Creature Families: Dyemonic, Menoid

Creatures from the plane of Pylea, they should not be confused with Dyemons or Daemons, although they have similar characteristics. Devyls are intelligent creatures of intellect, order, and greed. They live in an extremely rigid society that largely revolves around commerce. It is believed that when the Ending Times come, Devyls will need to buy their way into the Devyl afterlife, and thus the entire goal in life for most Devyls is to amass wealth and status. Although cruel and selfish, they are not quite explicitly evil and have their own code of morals which allows them to follow the word of their various contracts if not the spirit. Devyl society is basically split into three different castes - merchants, lawyers, and laborers.

Devyls, as a group, worship greed and material wealth. A cunning mortal can do business with them and suffer few ill effects, but an old saying goes "If you think you've gotten a good deal with a Devyl, then you must have just been screwed over in a way you can't even begin to fathom."

It has been proposed that Devyls are actually corrupted Angyels.

Devyl Castes


Medium-sized, small Devyls that work as menial labor and bodyguards. They are covered in brown quills that are as sharp as steel and can be propelled from their body at high speeds. They are diligent, but much less intelligent than other castes.


Bearded, wizened Devyls that are of the sorcerer class in Devyl society. They prefer to manipulate things from the shadows and let others take the credit for both their successes and failures. Each Barbados carries a staff that is the source of their infernal power.


The assassins of the Devyl underworld. They are emaciated winged humanoids lacking skin, leaving their bones, flesh and organs exposed. They are extremely quick and capable at inflicting mortal wounds before anyone can react.


The artisans of Pylea, Demears are Devyls made out of molten metal who use their gigantic bodies and powerful manipulation over metal and heat to forge powerful weapons and armor.


A race of all-female Devyls that primarily act as the knights of Pylea. Their bodies are made out of a type of leathery cloth that they can reconstitute at will, and even rip apart to move around as autonomous clouds of bat-shaped fabric.


Minor, tiny, semi-intelligent black-cat Devyls that act as pets and familiars for other species of Devyls.


Centaur-like horned Devyls that comprise the main caste of merchants in Pylea. They scour all of the planes for items to collect for their business and marks to sell them to. They are amongst the most politically powerful cast of Devyls.


Iconoclastic Devyls who usually dwell alone and are shunned from the rest of Devyl society. They are extremely tall and thin lizard-like creatures that are made of pure crystallized water and can manipulate ice and cold.


Minor and fairly friendly Devyls that act as mischievous but loyal servants to certain sects of humanity. See more in their own article: Imp


Tiny, primate Devyls that are relatively harmless and travel the planes attempting to scam people with confusing insurance deals.


The most powerful of all the Devyls, they are employed as body-guards, enforcers, and shock troops by wealthy Mephis. Towering over all of the other castes, Chernabolgs dwarf mountains and are a fearsome sight to behold. Their grotesque visage mixes the most disgusting parts of an ape, a human, an insect, and a dragon. They wield absolute power over hellfire, lightning, and death and can freely tear through the fabric between planes like tissue paper.


See their own article P'Imps.


See it's own article Fleshreaper.

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