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Dead Lands

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The Dead Lands

A barren expanse of rocky uninhabitable terrain in southern Parsonya. Crossing the Dead Lands is the quickest way to travel from The Shield to The Sickle by land in unsundered eras.

In the center of the Dead Lands sits the bleakly ominous Hardahrock, and it was around this aged monument that the Battle of the Bands of Hardahrock, one of the 17 final battles in Book 12, was fought.

Odd Otto's Greasy Pub is one of the last stops travellers can make before entering the barren wastes.

Although it rarely rains in the Dead Lands, occasionally there are brief Spark Storms, which are sudden cloud bursts of heavy rain and devastating lightning.

"Jumb O'Mallet?"

"Yeah, he's the executor of the will. He was Pappy Snooky's best friend and ...." I was cut short.


There was a crash of thunder as the sky lit up brightly with a streak of lightning. In the wake of the clap, dark clouds gathered and the sky became as overcast as night. Several more bolts of lightning cracked across the sky and more thunder soon followed. Finally, a drenching rain started to fall.

"What's happening!?!" I yelled as the wind started to whip up around us.

"Spark storm! We had better find cover quickly." she said, grabbing my arm and pulling me off down the path.

We ran down the hill and spotted a small cave in the side of the next hill and we dashed inside. It wasn't very deep, little more than an overhang, but fortunately it was tall enough to stand up in and to not get any wetter than we already were.

"I thought it never ever rained in the dead lands." I said. I was soaked and so was all of my things.

"It never does... Except once ever three or four years when a spark storm will come along and drench the area."

"And any unsuspecting travelers who are misinformed that it never rains in the dead lands," I finished for her, in my mind.

"Oh..." I said aloud. Obviously, her realm of knowledge extended beyond just magic.

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