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Dark Fourteen

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Dark Fourteen

The Dark Fourteen are a group of devoted fans who organized in internet chat rooms to form a plan to kill Tycho Brahe. A rumor indicating that one final novel in the Elemenstor cycle ("The Fourteenth Manuscript") had been completed began circling shortly after the release of the 13th novel. There is great possibility that the rumor arose due to the ending most fans felt was "tacked on" and out of context with the rest of the novels -- the recent republication of Book 1 with significant changes to fit the ending support this. The rumor indicated that the final book would be published one year and one day after the death of Tycho Brahe, hence the logical conclusion that a true fan would want to speed things up a bit. The more mundane, vapid, too-clever-yet-lazy-&-forever-doing-nothing-type elements of the Fourteen have pointed out that Tycho Brahe is already dead.

The arrest in connection with the lathing of three employees of Realmworlds Publishing of Jonathon Moore, who is believed to be the head of the original Dark Fourteen, only seems to have brought more attention to the cause, and the slogan "There is a faster way to find out..." has been appearing in blogs and fansites with greater frequency. Another likely factor is the fact that Moore committed suicide while in prison, in a freakish and disturbing ritual that left everyone in the prison dead except for two guards. One spontaeneously exploded seconds after recounting the hideous ordeal, while the other went completely insane and is now only capable of saying the word 'voob'. The prison where the twisted nightmare took place remains soaked in blood and other bodily fluids from top to bottom, inside and out, and all attempts to reclaim or demolish it have ended with either cowardice or Things That Are Not Very Nice.

Recently, conspiracy theorists have suggested that the Dark Fourteen are mearly puppets for the sinister group, The Disilluminati (if the group exists). The theory is that The Disilluminati wishes to manipulate the Dark Fourteen to kill Tycho Brahe, only so that they can obtain and destroy the "The Fourteenth Manuscript" before it has a chance to be released. In addition, connections have been made between the PACT and the Dark Fourteen, although given that the existance of the Fourteenth Manuscript requires the series as a whole to be legitimate, such links between the two factions seem unsupported.

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