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Da Wizbits Fashion Dolls

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Da Wizbits Fashion Dolls

This line of high-quality vinyl dolls was launched alongside the Da Wizbitz Funky-Fresh Street Wear line of clothing to capitalize on the success of trendy dolls like "My Scene Barbie" and "Bratz"- they were in fact sized to make clothing cross-compatible with Barbie.

Each fashion available for the dolls was also available in a wide range of sizes for children and teens.

The original (collectible) set included Skip, Lander, Penny, and Zula, along with Doodle and several other Wizbits Characters. Each character came boxed with three entire outfits, four character-specific accessories, and either a familiar/Furniliar if they had one or a small random monster. The special edition boxes of the four main characters included a special DVD preview of The Wizbits Season 1 DVD, containing only the first episode with commentary and also special previews of upcoming Wizbits Merchandise.

While the dolls themselves are quite high-quality, the dolls' clothing is extremely flammable, and may in fact catch fire if exposed to direct sunlight for more than ten minutes.

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