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The act of having thoughts not permitted by ELotH:TES canon, or those thoughts themselves. The most crimethink is as follows:

  • That the Elemenstor Saga, the Wizbits or the ELotH:TES is a hoax.
  • That you didn't watch The Wizbits when you were younger.
  • That you are making up the information you're inputting into the wiki instead of remembering it.
  • That any other series or fiction comes remotely close to being as wonderful, epic, or in-depth as ELotH:TES.
  • That any contradictions you see, hear, or believe detract from the truth of this wiki.
  • Any thoughts that involve The Song of the Sorcelator that aren't contemplating either how much of a rip off it is, how lame it is, or how implausible it is.
  • Questioning what is or isn't crimethink.
I don't know about that last one. Plenty of true ELotH:TES fans have been known to get a little Sorcelation on the side, especially when the true Epicness is unavailable. It's not the same as outright turning your back on the essential Truth of ELotH:TES. -Montykins
I have no idea how to express how mad that very concept makes me. Are you a real fan or not??? - Ooknabah
I'm shocked... shocked... a little Sorcelation on the side?? Like a little isn't so bad... I suppose Char Reyarteb just engaged in a little genocide on the side too, so I guess he's not so bad?? -Shocked
I understand that it's repulsive to true fans. But that doesn't make it crimethink. Crimethink is something that not even the lowest Creak fan would stoop to. I just think it's important to have boundaries. -Montykins
I have only one thing to say to you: UNCLEAN!!!!
Why would anybody want to read a book where a talking piece of enchanted lettuce plays any role whatsoever? I mean really?
Sorcelation is stupid, shameless ripoff. If you want something Epicially challenged, I'd recommend Tolkien, Howard, or any of these guys who actually had cojones to admit that they stole ideas from mr. Brahe - Jake
Also, you may watch Kung-Foo Rooster, since in June it'll return to Disney Channel, and it's way better.
Funny, it's June now but the cable guide doesn't seem to mention Kung-Foo Rooster at all. I guess they decided to schedule it for some other time here in Australia. - Tonkarz
I thought that Kung-Foo Rooster was banned in Australia after the that episode where he went around calling all Aussies the n-word. It didn't make sense but it certainly sounded racist. -Ooknabah

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