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Cohoris Dream Paste

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Cohoris Dream Paste

The root of the voba plant, native to the Cohoris homeland, is the main hallucinogenic ingredient used in the production of Cohoris Dream Paste, which is highly popular with mystics and teenage Cohoris. The Cohoris mystics use the Dream Paste when squatting upon the Sacred-but-Unimpressive Woodpile in hopes of receiving a vision from the quasi-sentient oracle. They also use it for many other Cohoris rituals, or when bored.

The abuse of this substance has lead to more than a few adolescent Cohoris awaking the next morning to find something less than tasteful inscribed on their tusks, causing them to wonder what they actually did last night while in the psychotropic state brought on by the paste. The tusks of some young adult Cohoris sometimes seem more decorated than most of their peers, and the usual reason is that they have added the extra rings and carvings to cover up the obscene and embarrassing inscriptions often gained from a Dream Paste fueled night on the town.

Several inexperienced Cohoris weavers who first try the Dream Paste while working, have managed to knit themselves right into a straightjacket when attempting to produce a regular shirt. However, there have been many innovations created while weaving under the influence; the most notable of which is the Cohoris Two-Story Grass Tent

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