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Clerical Healer

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Clerical Healer

Not to be confused with the generally marginal profession of Cleric or Clerk. A "Clerical Healer" is one who delays, prevents or cures injury by the deft application of a myriad of rune-scribed papers in triplicate and a mystical red tape. They are a critical member of any adventure party in Battal.

When advanced enough in the craft, they preform an ancient ritual: Several paces away from the wounded they move slowly, mumbling incantations that cause wounds to wait for the healer to arrive, safely placing the patient in a sort of stasis. Due to the magic of the incantations, the wounds actually pause...the pain however doesn't. Next, the Clerical Healer lectures the victim about how it's time for tea break and how the patient has the wrong Rune Forms and they should have had them already signed by a higher ranking Clerical Healer, eventually completing the ritual and mending the wounded.

Famous Clerical Healers:

Raunch Iron from Book 3. Possibly the 'Alpha Clerical Healer'

Sasquilla from Broken Stool: Alchemical Boogaloo.

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