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Cataclysmic Bluont

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Cataclysmic Bluont

The most Cataclysmic of all Bluonts old and new, and the only Bluont which has ever been invisible, the Cataclysmic Bluont was the most epic of the three sections (the other two being The Shield and The Sickle) that the world was broken into by the Eldritch Rift in 10,345. Epic only begins to describe how epic this worldpiece is, but surely the proper amount of imagination can be applied to properly gauge its epic-ness.

Harbinger Portent, not knowing of the Cataclysmic Bluont, did not use his amazing power to rejoin it when he rejoined the other two pieces of the world. Being secret, where it is and how to get there is, as of yet, unrevealed, although its existance was mentioned during Book 8 of The Elemenstor Cycle.

Without revealing the direct means of transportation, Enseven Illibar managed to leave the Bluont. Through him we get our first real glimpses of the Willestrian society that exists beyond the Rift.

The information is very limited, addressing almost exclusively the Vermillion Forum Culvert, its resident Chaotician Gemmerach-dancers, and the mysterious artifact Gemmerach Prime.

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