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Card Printing Plant

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The Great Card Printing Plant

Though used solely by Elemenstors of the Peninsula, which is now owned by Multigame Corp, this manufacturing behemoth is still the property of Holhik, who has it run semi-independently. Legend has it that he won the Printing Plant in a drinking contest against a troupe of gypsies who had been using it to house some of their less-adored relatives who were tasked with printing Tarot cards.

Journals kept by Holhik during that period mention something called The Ordeals of the Factory, that he had to complete in order to gain the right to use it. No one is sure as to what these were, but some people suspect that some of them were block puzzles, as evidenced by several winding rooms in the facility with large crates in the corners. The journals also mention a fight where Holhik and Krakins had to fight the original workers of the factory, described as "Well-muscled ethnic stereotypes".

The employees of the plant are divided into three groups with primary and secondary subgroups. They are:

There are extensive rumors of Ghost Gypsies wandering the halls of the Card Printing Plant at night. These rumors are unsubstantiated, though widely spread by the teams of ordinary men, ordinary women, ex-policemen/women, teenage girls with ties to occult mysteries, and other such lie-prone rascals that get periodically lost in its labyrinthine depths.

Also See: Cardinus Gigantia Plantae

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