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Stream Elemenstors occupy a unique social niche. Their powers are formidable, yet as a class they are typically regarded as losers with a severe lack of ambition, perhaps because Stream is sometimes thought of as a weaker version of Life. Stream Elemenstors, therefore, are often considered lazy underachievers, or as the historian Sagacious the Smart once famously said, "Pussies."

Consider Benedeir the Mediocre, who is most famous for singlehandedly saving a cartful of blind nuns from certain doom. Not wanting to divert the nuns from their pilgrimage despite the fact that the bridge over the local chasm was out of commission, Benedeir levitated untenderized beef out of the local butcher shop and created the legendary (and delicious) Beef Bridge in a matter of seconds. Still, Benedeir only rose as far as The Mediocre.

In an attempt to offset their perceived (and somewhat undeserved) reputation as half-baked Elemenstors, Stream Elemenstors take to wearing mind-bendingly flashy garments, which shimmer with unearthly colors in the white light of a full Stream channeling. They also tend to cultivate impressive configurations of facial hair, with the "mustache connected to mutton chops" look being the most popular.

Eating disorders are common among Stream Elemenstors, perhaps in an ascetic attempt to control their own mass, or perhaps as a way to PLEASE MAKE SOMEBODY LOVE THEM! We may never know.

It is extremely rare to see a Stream Elemenstor without a Furniliar.

Other notable Brickabrackers:

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