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Blanksword, The Void Blade

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Blanksword, The Void Blade

Thirteen years went into collecting the material out of which Blanksword was forged -- tiny flecks of absolute darkness scattered among the pebbles of the Riotous Beaches of the Ennumerable Sea. Unknowingly, Gragnakas was later forging this sword out of its own shattered future (in the past) self. As the Chronosorcellors explained when it was wielded against them, it represents two consistent realities, one in which it exists and one in which it does not exist, simultaneously. Characters are often described as not being able to perceive the Void Blade about half of the time. Although it is not known precisely when it may happen, the inevitable destruction of the Blanksword and its being cast into the oceans is one of the imposed deadlines to collecting the complete set.

The Blanksword is probably the most impossible thing to exist (or not exist) in the history of Battal.

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