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An Ice Elemenstor.

The first recorded Ice Elemenstor was Resc Vored.

The path to become an Ice Elemenstor is one that requires dedication, perserverence, and unending adherence to the idea that being an Ice Elemenstor is inherently better than being a mere Water elemenstor.

Ice Elemenstors are often obsessed with the Unliquidification of liquids, what they believe to be the sure route to truest power. Perhaps it's this obsession which makes them more and more obsessed with contradictions as they grow stronger, eventually becoming High Ice Elemenstors and nearly incomprehensible.

The Ice Elemenstors are rumored to have an Artifact Guild somewhere far to the north in the Great Iceberg Sea.

Other than being fueled by their distain for Water, in general Ice Elemenstors are not considered very powerful or skilled. One notable documented exception to this is the powerful Ice Elemenstation wielded by Myrtle Breakwind, who shockingly unleashes tremendous Ice Elemanifestations at the end of the ElamenSTAR movie Super ElamenSTAR - My name is Phila!. After the events of that story though, she went back to Water Elemenstation.

Those who have submitted themselves to Ice, where a chill and snow follow thier wakes. They negate thermal energy in thier sleep, meaning that they are always covered in a blanket of snow, or in the most extreme cases, Ice. They make themselves look extremely formidable by covering thier identites with a mask of ice and wearing a coating of ice to block attacks, along with a series of spikes that run up and down thier arms and legs to indicate that they enjoy causing pain.

The effect is multipled by constant use of Polar Fog, they often dissapear into the fog of their creation, to reconstitute themselves in a ferocious form, like an ice storm with eyes that swallows you whole.

Mostly they just waste their times, talents, and lives in complete dedication to driving Moisteners batshit insane.

Notable Betterthanwatermenstors

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