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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 0 (Harmless)

Creature Families: Bestial, Magimal

A magical cat-like entity that dwells within the Wang Kingdom, they are somewhat distantly related to Sphinxes. They have purple, orange, and white spotted fur and two tails. They are nearly as intelligent as humans (or perhaps more intelligent - having enough smarts to play dumb in front of humans) and have the ability to alter their size, predict the future, and project low-end Psichotic waves that make people near them more friendly and gullible. Shopkeeps in the Wang Kingdom like to keep them, as their calming brainwaves turn anyone near them into a happy-go-lucky moron willing to buy anything.

Earily enough, unlike Cats, Bakeneko can display emotions such as "affection" or "love", instead of the "unabashed self-centeredness" that regular cats always feel. They grow especially active and powerful during lunar eclipses.

Bakeneko actually originate from Lanumon, the world contained within Battal's Hidden Moon, where they were created as pets by the Sylveran. This explains their unusual powers, as most creatures of Lanumon exhibit some sort of Psicho powers.

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