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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 32 (Really Very Nasty Indeed)

Creature Families: Bestial, Vegetarian

A species of primate lacking arms. Instead, it has a symbiotic mobile system of vines growing from it's skin. The vines are as thick as a man's arm and extremely strong. Any vines removed from the Apebush grow back almost instantaneously. It primarily feeds but strangling anything that comes near it to death and then shoving it down it's maw. The bodily fluids splattered everywhere from it's gory feeding habits serve as grisly fertilizer for the plant growing from its skin.

Apebushes are nearly entirely extinct, with many male Apebushes accidentally having their genitals cut off in a freak pruning accident at a gardening expo in New Capitol City. The only large surviving colonies of Apebushes are a subterranean strain that live near underground hotsprings and feed primarily on Dwarves.

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