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Class: Ultimate

Element: Fire

First Appearance: Seven Staves

Other Notable Appearances: The Scrolltube Sword, Something Wicker This Way Comes

Amaterasu is the matriarch of corn, and claims to be the daughter of the sun. Another variation of her legend says that she was born from the eye of Io. She is known for feuding with her uncle Raijin, and for being summoned once to save the capital of the Wang Kingdom from an invasion of Orochi as seen in the Scrolltube Sword. It is said her power is greatly increased during the day of the Summer Solstice.

Amaterasu was the rarest card in the Seven Staves set, appearing only once for every 1,000 cards printed. Mint condition Amaterasu cards can be found sold for up to $200 on eBay.

Physical Form

Amaterasu manifests as a beautiful princess adorned in imperial clothing dyed all the colors of the rainbow. A golden, divine halo constantly spins behind her, making it look like she has the sun itself strapped to her back.


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