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Adhnaten Lake

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Creation of the Lake

This lake was arficially created by damning the Sw'ftfl'w River by Lord Vhadxi around 897 MKSP in his maniacal attempt to destroy the Sw'ftfl'woots who called the river their home. He named the lake Adhnaten in honor of his Vampyre wife.

Destruction of the Lake

Although the Sw'ftfl'woots claim otherwise, the dam was destroyed by the negligence of a guard leaving incense burning. A slight variant of this tale is that Vhadxi accidently destroyed the dam in his unearthly rage at the negligent guard, who had also failed to capture revellers celebrating victories by B'llbr'dsk'.

The Sw'ftfl'woots Story

The Sw'ftfl'woots have believed for generations that B'llbr'dsk' destroyed the great dam with one stroke of R'll'b'gsw'd. The sword had been lost in the river during the C'nf's'ng Trade Dispute and, according to the Sw'ftfl'woot account, was returned there for some reason by B'llbr'dsk'. To this day, Sw'ftfl'woots hope to drag the ancient sword from the river.

In Fanfiction

Certain Fan Fiction authors have taken the canon explanation of the dam's destruction as a vast conspiracy constructed by S'yrf'yl the Immortal, Vampyre scholars, or both to discredit B'llbr'dsk'. The most prolific source of this disinformation is the fanfic Rise of B'llbr'dsk', unsurprisingly.

The Lakebed

All visitors to the lake after the dams destruction, even a hundred years later, are overwhelmed by the stench of dead fish pressed into the entire region. For reasons unknown, Fireflowers are remarkably common in the region, along with their attendant Burn Bugs. It's speculated that Zonardia at one point passed over the lake and Fireflower seeds floated down on the winds. There is no canonical explanation for this and it is believed by a handful of sticklers to be a continuity flaw.


Adhnaten Lake's creation and destruction serve as a minor side light in The Twilight Vampyres, although the destruction of the dam is only passingly mentioned. The actual reason for the destruction of Adhnaten Lake was briefly mentioned by S'yrf'yl the Immortal during his appearance in Book 9.

I'm not sure where the rage explanation for the dam's destruction came from, but I want to say it was actually mentioned in some background conversation in The Wizbits Cartoon of all places.

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