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Actors are the opposite of People and have no inherant personalities, rather they adjust the core of thier egos to whatever role they are playing. They work as professionals who travel in troupes preforming high drama and sketch comedy thoughout Battal. Actors preform at peasant's inns and the courts of Kings and nothing inbetween. Highly skilled in impersonations, ennunciation and being emo. Actors are eihter recruited from amoungst wiley street urchins or the illegitimate children of teen mothers.

Frequently assassins, spies, and fugitives will hide amoungst actors as it is impossible to be spotted as a fraud. For example:

Lord: Who are you?

Actor: An actor.

Guard: Lord that man is no actor, he's an assassin!

Lord: Wait, if he's not an actor, then he's not what he said he was.

Guard: Exactly.

Lord: But if he's pretending to be someone he's not, doesn't that make him an actor?

Guard: Sooo... if he isn't an actor, then he is an actor, but if he's an actor then he's not pretending, so he's not an actor, but he is... {head explodes}

Lord: Sorry, guards are a little dense sometimes, anyway I want you to preform Ballad of Sip- aggghhhhh!!!!

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