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A Work of the War Men

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A Work of the War Men (戦争人の造りしもの)

Super ElamenSTAR FINAL Episode 507

Aired 26th August, 2000


After the defeat of the Ottoman, the Four Underdogs begin to search for signs of their missing familiars. They decide to head back to the Cerulean Citadel, to employ the help of the other Elemenstors in finding them. On their way, they are attacked by a band of War Men, apparently under the control of an evil force. The fight rages on, but the Four do not want to kill the attacking War Men as they are obviously not acting of their own will. The Four retreat, and attempt to slow them down. Zula and Phila use thier powers together to blow a cold wind upon the advancing War Men, slowing them down. But it turns out it was all a trick, and the Four walk straight into a trap!

The Four realize the trap can't be of the War Men's doing, for they aren't that smart a people. But they cannot break free from the magik hole in the ground, and the War Men are almost upon them. Suddenly Lander sees Aklom Reklats in a vision, where he cannot understand quite what he is being told but he hears enough to understand how to unleash his most powerful attack of Earth High Elemenstation. He uses his power to send a surge of earth up from the ground to free them from their prison and then sears a terrible crack in the last, separating them from their attackers. As soon as the War Men realize they can't reach the Four Underdogs, they give up their pursuit, seemingly no longer under the affect of whatever was controlling them, and break into the song of Shokurung'a (My Axe). Befuddled, the Four realize someone must be trying to stop them from reaching the Cerulean Citadel, and they quickly resume their trip, worry heavy in their minds.


This is the first time Shokurung'a (My Axe) is sung from beginning to end in ElamenSTAR, though part of the song is heard in the background of the season 4 episode, Shokirang'ong've Kata'hoikoi!. Hearing the lyrics in Shokurung being rendered by a bunch of Japanese-speakers is not a pretty sound to hear.

In this episode Lander recieves his upgraded attack power.


Kenneth Pike I think Shokurung'a (My Axe) got sung in the episode where Zula plays Agash against some War Men? I think it's season 4... yeah, Shokirang'ong've Kata'hoikoi! is the episode. But this is the first time we get to hear the whole thing.

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